Grow Your Ecommerce Shop with Google Analytics + Ecommerce Tracking

How to Properly Implement Ecommerce Tracking and Tutorials on the New Reports

I prepared a series of short videos that will help you understand how to properly implement ecommerce tracking for your Google Analytics account.

I also recorded 2-3 minute videos for each of the Ecommerce core reports I listed and I show you exactly how to use them to increase the revenue from your ecommerce shop

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"Ruben from Practico Analytics is quite simply a Mixpanel Guru and Analytics wiz. Extremely professional, very knowledgeable and just amazingly helpful guy who will ensure you get your Mixpanel and Segment (or any other tool) tracking configured the right way, as trust me, it's so easy to make mistakes and put your data in a bad format."

- Simon T.
Growth, AutoLotto

At Practico Analytics, we specialize in helping fast-growing companies use analytics data to grow their web and mobile apps. Google Analytics can become your one stop for all of your marketing traffic but you need to track your sales data using the ecommerce tracking functionality. These videos will show you how to do that.

Ruben Ugarte
Founder, Practico Analytics

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